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Meet your new Best Friend!   Smack your lips together in awe when you apply an alluring coat of  Rich Girl, a lip gloss with the power to super-size your lusciously pouty lips. Rich Girl is a high shine, nonstick, and ultra-hydrating baby pink lip gloss that keeps your lips plumped up, soft, and sensual. Rich Girl is enriched with antioxidant extracts of Vitamin E and C that moisturize the lips to prevent them from drying while smoothing them to make a healthy, even texture. The lip gloss can be worn over any Rich Bitch Luxe Lip Stain or Lipstick.   You'll get more bang for your gloss! Get your lips glossy, plump & sexy with our Rich Girl Lip Gloss.  Luxury is a lifestyle that needs to be experienced!

Rich Girl Lip Gloss

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