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"You say that I'm a BITCH.  I AM.  I'm a BOSS IN TOTAL CONTROL OF HERSELF - BITCH!  Society doesn't define me any longer, but I define me because I know me and I love me."


Rich Bitch Luxe, an online and social network centered brand that brings out the rich bitch beauty within. Unlike other lip wear and beaity brands, Rich Bitch Luxe reveals its  true colors, with no limits, and is designed for the strong independent woman that exudes strength, compassion and love. 
Rich Bitch Luxe emphasizes the luxurious liaison between women's empowerment and  cosmetics. The brand’s purpose is empowerment, authenticity, and freedom. Rich Bitch Luxe’s luxury lip wear collection aims to empower women from all spectrums of life from the board  room to the bedroom in all parts of the world.  She's not so strong that she resist love.

RBL allows consumers to explore the different shades of lip wears with luxury post descriping our colors.  The lip wear collection is featured in stunning shades from the subtle looks to the bold.  These  shades will bring out one’s inner confidence or even one's glamourous side.  


“I feel relieved that we are here and available to the consumer. It’s been a journey and beautiful  experience”, said Cheron K. Griffin, founder of Rich Bitch Luxe. “I wanted to create a  lip wear collection and beauty brand that embodies all types of women. I always envisioned  a lip wear  collection that empowered every woman to show off their best selves and highlight the  elegance of every female form”.  


Rich Bitch Luxe was founded by Social Media Influencer, Cheron K. Griffin aka Madame Butterfly. Her  love for luxury inspired her  to create a brand that will make women feel the same  elegant sensation they feel when rocking their favorite heels, athletic wear, or handbag. From the packaging to the  sensual feeling when they apply the colors on their lips, women will say, "I'm a Rich Bitch (Boss In Total Control of Herself)."

Griffin is a Celebrity Life Coach, Author of 5 Books, Media Mavern, and International Speaker.  She believes that we should all live on purpose seeking God for inspiration and motivation no matter the odds.  Griffin is the CEO of Grow A Girl Network, Inc which has a history of mentoring at-risks young girls and now, college age girls and women who inspire to BE GREAT.  Griffin's motto is, "Go Big or Go Home."  Griffin's purpose in life is to serve and help others to live authentically and walk in their freedom!  She is the creator of the I See You Campaign that ignites hope and prevents suicide.  RBL proudly gives back to the I SEE YOU Campaign presented by Grow A Girl Network, a 501C3 Non Profit Organization.


Follow Griffin on all social media platforms @cheronkgriffin.  





"Boss In Total Control of Herself"

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