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Inspired by the vibrant walls of Italy, Italian Vino reflects the joy of Italy–sun-kissed vineyards, lively music, and warm Italian nights. Italian Vino is perfect for that warm, romantic look. It is a bright, medium pink-coral with a matte finish. Vino is the perfect marriage of color and texture. It feels like velvet, with just enough adhesion to apply smoothly while still allowing for blending and layering. The result is pure eye candy, an object of intrigue that invites touch almost as much as it does admiration. A pop of color, a dark smoky eye, or a hint of color on the eyelids - Italian Vino is a universally flattering pink shade that enhances your complexion and looks great on all skin tones. Say hello to Italian Vino. And goodbye to tired, boring neutrals once and for all.

Italian Vino Eyeshadow

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