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Chilly Nights is a seductive mix of mysterious beige and moody yellowish-brown hues, inspired by the chill in the air when you're in close proximity to someone you desire. Chilly Nights have a matte finish that's warm enough to still hold some of the warmth from the brown tones. Cozy enough for winter's chill, but not so dark, it looks harsh against pale skin. It's a great alternative to a chocolate/smoky eye for people who don't want something quite as dark. Chilly nights are for girls who want to play with darker shadows without looking like they've wandered into the wrong goth club. With a hue reminiscent of the cold season, Richbitch's Chilly Nights Eyeshadow creates looks for fall, including smoky eyes, graphic liner, and more. Get Chilly Nights—a nude, warm, wintery color that flirts with your natural complexion. 

Chilly Nights Eyeshadow

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