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Sorry Not Sorry is something that you wear on your lips that isn't really an apology.  Sorry Not Sorry is a go-to lipstick for anyone who wants to wear coral red.  It's creamy, pigmented, and goes on smoothly—no streakiness or streaking. This lip gloss glides on like butter, providing glossy coverage in just one swipe. It gives you the perfect balance between cool and warm color temperatures, making it wearable by varying complexions. With Sorry Not Sorry lip gloss, you'll create a signature look that goes with your lifestyle or simply enhances an outfit for your next big event. Sorry Not Sorry keeps you sassy, sexy, confident s,lick, and on fleek with RBL's Beauty,  Sorry Not Sorry! Pucker up with this vibrant "I don't give a damn if you're mad" red shade that is filled with Vitamin E, antioxidants, and other moisturizers that are good to the last drop. This vibrant, pigmented gloss stays put for hours.   You are here to take over the world, don't apologize for it!

Sorry Not Sorry Lip Gloss

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