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Are you ready to have a Netflix and Chill weekend?  This Lip Stain features a Netflix hue with spectacular red tones and scarlet undertones in a sultry formula that can go from cocktail parties to dinner to home.  It's a pout inducer, sexy, sinful-red lip color that will make you irresistible to your lover. This richly pigmented lip quencher delivers the kind of color and long-lasting comfort you're always looking for—all in one gorgeous swipe. This shockingly comfortable long-wear lip stain cranks up the volume to new heights while keeping your lips looking soft and kissable. You'll never have to worry about fading color with this lip beauty. Film-forming polymers seal the pigment in for serious staying power—and a waterproof formula ensures kissing will never be quite the same again. Get 24-hour wear, amazing color payoff, no feathering or bleeding for that extra confidence you need.

Netflix & Chill Lip Stain

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