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Open your door to the world of sparkle with Rich Bitch Luxe Cognac Liquid Highlighter. Cognac is an ultra-fine copper highlighter in a creamy base to create kissable skin. Cognac is a shimmering, diamond-dusted highlighter that imparts pure, show-stopping sparkle. With a lightweight feel that melts into skin, the highlighter glides on effortlessly. Its'  weightless formula melts into skin seamlessly without ever patching, streaking, or smudging the complexion. The formulation is glitter and glows concentrated, so a little goes a very long way, and the end result is pure magic - a gorgeous, hypnotic jewel effect. Use Rich Bitch Luxe Cognac Contour Highlighter to gently highlight and contour your prominent features.

Cognac Liquid Highlighter

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