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Luxury Lipsticks, Full Face Coverage, Beautiful Highlights

RichBitch Luxe- a Luxury Beauty Brand for Organic Makeup

Pamper your skin with luxury makeup products, made with the finest ingredients. Our top-selling cosmetics will help you shine bright in all settings. Whether you're looking to stock your makeup bag or build a luxurious collection of organic and vegan cosmetics, we've got you covered. From luxe everyday foundations to color-rich cheek tints, from eye shadows to full-size foundation bottles, our beauty brand has everything you need to have head-turning glam.

We believe in luxury and our selection includes high-end makeup products. Rich Bitch Luxe specifically caters to individuals who are not afraid to experiment with new looks and glam up any situation. Whether you are looking for Cruelty-Free, Natural Beauty Products or Vegan Makeup, all of our makeup products are high quality, rich in color & designed for divas who demand excellence!

We are on a mission and each of our products is filled with the finest ingredients, designed for a wide range of skin types. We promise that you will not only have the best makeup application but be gorgeous from your head to toes.

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